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Christopher Carter
Hawai'i, United States
Climate Zone:
Wet/Dry Tropical

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Voluntourism: Conscious Permaculture Hawaii Institute of Pacific Agriculture
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About Christopher Carter

I LOVE PLANTS! my best memories growing up were the ones of climbing fruit trees to get food, mango, pecans, figs, plums, apricots, starfruit, you name it i was up in it chowing down,,, by 8 years old, I was growing tomatoes, sugarcane , wheat, and things under and around some fruit trees in our yard. My grandparents had fruit trees, all over the neighborhoods of southern California and Oahu where I was raised and was always picking fruit , oh i love the cactus pears growing on rain water , also was raised mostly vegetarian buying local farmers market produce lots. Had some teenage years of junk food too so i can now truly appreciate real fresh food. stopped going to school at 15 cause it was more fun to ride my bike around, hehe and knew deep inside I was different than the people in the schools.

When I was 22, I found out we can live on a lifestyle of eating only fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, good for the planet, (been thriving on a raw vegan diet for 13 years now) so then I found a amazing plant nursery where I lived in Vista, California, called Exotica Rare fruit Nursery, they really needed my green thumbs , so I volunteered the first of three years to learn , eat and plant the over 1000 different plants from around the world , and it is all organic there too, after a year i was busy making 20% commission and doing lots of plant propagation, grafting, deliveries, selling, edible landscaping, also connecting with new life long friends that are hooked on this stuff too.

In 2002 I made the move to Big Island Hawaii right to Waipi'o valley, end of the road,( i miss the hot springs of California) , stepping back in time, the best soil water and fresh air to grow all kind plants. I am kinda like family here with the valley residents , I love to trim trees for people, I do lots of climbing and planting for people with very special land locations some 10 mile hike to get there,others along streams next to waterfalls, Bishop museum lands, on the beach up on the top on the ranch lands, this most recent creation has been on a 600 acre ranch ( from ocean to Mountain along streams) almost 4 years and looking great for my low budget and very little help I get. So I continue planting rare useful and native plants in sacred spaces and have a small nursery (over 50 kinds of bananas) that I share plants, seeds and cuttings with other people in the area, to help make this a better world for future generations. I look forward to meeting like minded people on this site and continuing my learning from you all here


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