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Wairoa, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
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Zaytuna Farm, The home of the permaculture Research Institute   Permaculture Institute
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Teaching in Australia next week, then new Internship Program

Posted by Kay Baxter almost 12 years ago

I'm off to Australia to teach a range of workshops at the PRI and an evening talk in Melbourne. The workshops areSeedsaving and food security, Bio Intensive gardening, and cooking and Preparing Nutrient Dense Food. Our new internship program begins in Sep

Off to Oz to teach a few workshops, Bob is teaching a 2 day Community Land Trust workshop at the PRI then another in Melbourne for Very Edible Gardens.

When we come home we will be preparing for our new 10 week internship program beginning in September, after our PDC.

All the details of this exciting step will be on our website shortly. it's going to cost interns $3999 for the 10 weeks of which they will get 3 days a week working with a mentor in their field of interest. We will offer two internships in  growing nutrient dense food and seedsaving, two in orchards  and food forests, 2 in small farming ( diverseintegrated systems including management intensive grazing, bilogicalagriculture, dextercows, wiltshire horn sheep, East Freisian sheep, ducks geese, Saddleback pigs, Kiko goats, top bar beekeeping and more. Wewill aso offer 1 internship in herbal medicine and 1 in cooking, preparing and storing nutrient dense food.

The other 2-3 days each week ( 1 -2 days off each week) will be doing workshops and projects as a whole group.  The workshops being offered on this inetrnship will be Cooking and preparing nutrient dense Food 2 days

BioIntensive Gardening  3days

growing Nutrient dense food 1 day

Small Animals including bees2 days

Big Animals and management Intensive Grazing  2 days

Design your Own Orchards and Food Forests 2 days

SeedSaving and bioregional Food Security   2 days

urban design 5days

herbal medicne 1 day

1/4 acre design for selfreliance  2 days

details of teachers etc will be on www.koanga.org.nz as soon as we can get it there





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