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Wairoa, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
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Koanga Institute Spring Permaculture Design Course

Posted by Bob Corker about 12 years ago

Our next design course with Bob Corker, Kay Baxter, Dan Palmer and Tim Barker

Permaculture Design Course


Bob Corker (Koanga Institute)

Kay Baxter (Koanga Institute)

Dan Palmer (Very Edible Gardens)

Tim Barker (PRI Australia)

Location: Koanga Institute, Wairoa.
Price: $1900

Dates: February 3-15

Two weeks of immersive class room learning with lots of time and support for hands on design projects. Learn about design patterns, climate, trees, water, soil, earthworks, aquaculture and the importance of social structures. Taught by experienced tutors who live what they teach.

This is an intensive twelve day course covering the curriculum recognized by the International Permaculture Institute, with a particular focus on training excellent designers. 

A highlight and strength of this course is the large team of teachers, who are all experienced designers who implement their work, with a wide range of skills.

We believe that Permaculture Design is one of the best tools available for those who wish to take responsibility for the need of their family, and their community, to become more ‘self reliant’.

The context within which we teach this course is our belief that in the coming years we urgently need to develop ‘parallel economies’ that will have the resilience to cope with the ‘power-down’ that our mainstream economy is faced with. We are serious about creating futures without being ‘plugged into’ the globalized economy.

The course starts with a thorough understanding of the Permaculture model of design, (the first two days).   From day three you will begin developing and practicing observation, analysis and design within a ‘permaculture’ framework (in the real world), and getting feedback  and support from our very experienced team of designers and implementers.

We will be providing you with food prepared following the principles of the Weston A Price Foundation. Mostly they will be recipes out of Kay and Bob's cook book "Change of Heart". All aspects of the food will illustrate core issues of self-reliance.

Our food will be locally sourced, organic, unrefined, nutrient dense, traditional and delicious.

If you  feel you need more information about the course, please contact us, and also check out the feedback from previous participants.

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