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HDShed Now Open (AU Only)

Posted by Darren J. Doherty almost 12 years ago

Electric Net Fencing & Energiser Offer #3 is now open...

Products on offer at HDShed.com:

HDChookNet - for Poultry - 12/106/7 (12 horizontal wires, 106cm high, 7cm between vertical wires) x 50m - 10.6kg/roll - $242/roll + $33 delivery/roll (GST Inclusive).

HD GrazeNet - for Sheep, Goats & Cattle - 8/89/15 (8 horizontal wires, 89cm high, 15cm between vertical wires) x 50m - 5.5kg/roll - $154/roll + $33 delivery/roll (all prices GST Inclusive).

HD SolarShockCase - AUD$530 (+$33/unit P&H) - 1.0 joule - will run 10 GrazeNets or 5 ChookNets OR 3.2km of 3 wire fence OR 1.2km of 5-7 wire fence.

Speedrite1000Energiser - $195 (+$33/unit P&H) - 1.0 joule - will run 10 GrazeNets OR 5 ChookNets OR 3.2km of 3 wire fence OR 1.2km of 5-7 wire fence. 

Offer #3 opens 17.6.2012 & closes 20.7.2012. Tracked International Freight (via ITM) & Professionally-Managed logistics (via eFS) and insured deliveries through Australia Post 6-8 weeks later (27.8.2012<>10.9.2012). Weekly updates throughout offer period at HDShed.com 

In order for us to get the savings available on these products we have to generate a number of sales. Once we have subscribed enough Deposits then we will complete the purchase order with our supplier and get full payment from you ahead of the order being shipped via the timetable described above.  

This Deposit is a requirement of you to spend a non-refundable $0.10 per item prior to 20.7.2012. This the only way we can process subscriptions through our Shopify-based e-commerce site. This payment will secure your order should the offer proceed as planned, however please understand clearly that placing this deposit does not by any means guarantee you will receive any products and is not the final price (listed above). 



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