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Bungendore, NSW, Australia
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Cool Temperate

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Permaculture education for children

Posted by Penelope Kothe over 11 years ago

I am interested in researching and applying permaculture concepts that work for children.

There has been a lot of work already done in Australia in terms of getting children to do gardening projects and to produce what they eat, these are fabulous programs. I would love to see more of this in schools throughout the world.

I think we should also be teaching our children about water, its' value and uses, and about energy in terms of different types of energy and renewability.

I am excited about the full range of opportunities there are within permaculture to teach our children not only about science, maths, english, chemistry, physics and more, but to do a lot of this within a permaculture system that can be a part of the school environment would be fantastic.

I'm going to look more into this, but if you have any ideas shoot them across.


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christy prins
christy prins : Hi Penelope, I ve been planting with kids now for about 8 months. At the schools on the island ( Curacao, the dutch Carribean) they dont do anything with kids in this area. So I started doing this as an after school activity with a small group, since Im by myself. I ve just started getting into permaculture this year. So I would love any tips or help in this area. At the moment we are planting some veggies on raised beds. So I am learning together with the kids. Hopefully I will be able to attend a course on permaculture in the near future. Hope to hear from you!! Sunny greetings, Christy
Posted over 11 years ago

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