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Naracoorte, SA, Australia
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Cool Temperate

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My patch of paradise.

Posted by TANYA ADAMS about 9 years ago

Having completed my PDC, Soils Management and Urban Landscape Design course, I was keen to find my own patch.

I've found my patch. 

Northcliffe WA in the south west rain forest country. 

1) 2.2 hectares, or 22,000 square meters of land;

2) 2 dams @ approx. 1300 sq m and 650 sq m each, swim in your own spring fed Olympic- size natural pool! End-of-summer water level is 75% of what you have during winter.

3) 80 meters of permanent Dombakup Brook, does not get dry in summer!

4) 176 sq m of Dome hothouse, designed and manufactured in Sydney, only one in WA, is made of galvanized steel that will last a lifetime. Dimensions: diameter 15 m, height 7.5 meter, with UV-resistant plastic cover (will last up to 10 years), has 7-tonne 47m x 0.4 m concrete foundation as circumference of the circle. Fully organic garden beds in it currently 25 s quare meters, producing up to 20 kg of veggies and fruits per fortnight; to name a few: bananas, papaya, ginger, turmeric, capsicum, rock melon, onion, garlic, cucumber, herbs, tomato plants. Automatic programmable irrigation means you can go on holidays without worry! 15 tons of fertile rock dust, special clay, compost and other material for garden beds (just mix them together!) are available.

5) 9 sq m cosy hut overlooking dam, with water view;

6) Electricity, Telstra telephone and internet land line in the vicinity.


Other potentials of this property:

7) Beautiful eastern aspect for house orientation;

8) Bitumen road to the block;

9) Grass paddocks for live stock if required;

10) Grow your own fish. Curretnly growing 50 rainbow trout - they reached 45 cm size really fast in just 14 months! Grow marron in second pond.

11) Ecologically clean property - there are 5 types of frogs dwelling around, also wild ducks, water hens, blue fairy wrens, robins, etc.

12) 1300 mm of rain each year, one of the highest in WA;

Im cant wait to start - shed house, eco loo, solar power, rain water, chook tractor, fruit trees - more fruit, herbs and vegetables growing than you can poke a stick at. PLUS the trout!!!! Ducks, geese, rabbits and goats are all on the list. Now to create my swales and food forest, bamboo shelter belts and ...... just live the life. :) 

1948011 10152108683788533 400619456 n Dome Google earth   14 norna drive  crowea 6262 highlighted Main dome

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Joe May
Joe May : Congratulations Tanya, it sounds and looks amazing. I am looking forward to following your progress
Posted about 9 years ago

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TANYA ADAMS : Hoping to move near my block very soon. Plans underway to build a shed/house. Lots of regulations to abide by... not so easy now days to just 'do it' .. I hope for the future that they will start to relax all these laws and fees. I have a job im applying for not far from mu block... so i will be able to work on the block 3 days a fortnight and do my day job to earn money to complete the basics.
Posted almost 9 years ago

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TANYA ADAMS : Heading down to Northcliffe next week. Going to measure out the building envelope and mark out the locations for tank, shed and two cabins. Very excited. :)
Posted over 8 years ago

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