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About Stefan Pasti

I am the founder and resource coordinator for The Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative (at www.cpcsi.org ).

The Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative (www.cpcsi.org ) provides research and analysis for critical challenge alerts, and research and support for collaborative problem solving, community education, and citizen peacebuilding initiatives which seek to maximize citizen participation, and accelerate solution-oriented activity.

Below is a summary and links to key documents associated with the pathway I advocate for to accelerate solution activity at this critical time.

I am contributing this kind of bio here at the Permaculture Worldwide Network because I believe my “constellations of initiatives” approach to accelerating solution activity on the Climate Emergency, and many other critical challenges, would be a catalyst for permaculture projects; because most readers here already are already sympathetic with approaches which suggest significant downsizing--and because I believe that permaculture provides so much in the way of land-use understanding and examples (something which is missing from most Zero Carbon approaches).

The "Unprecedented Challenges Ahead--July 2020" (2 pages) document (https://bit.ly/3gGCaVZ ) demonstrates why we need problem solving on a scale most of us have never known--and why we need input from many different fields of activity… and not just a focus on achieving Zero Carbon economies, and limiting Global Warming to 1.5oC.

Key “Constellation of Initiatives” Document: “17 Tweet Series” as pdf file https://bit.ly/3fvqPHp.

A key element of the “17 Tweet Series” summary of this “constellation of initiatives” approach: it demonstrates a way to by-pass mainstream media and mainstream politics--

a) 5-10 page overviews on challenges and solutions (given a risk assessment similar to “Unprecedented Challenges Ahead…”) from 1000s of positive tipping point organizations and institutions can be compiled and organized in a clearinghouse website (“Sample List of 231 Positive Tipping Points Organizations and Institutions” https://bit.ly/3iCFbIr )
b) that clearinghouse website would inform local surveys of challenges and solutions to key local leaders
c) the results of those local surveys would, in very many communities (thousands), catalyze local collaborative problem solving, Community Visioning, Neighborhood Learning Centers, etc (see “17 Tweet Series” as pdf file https://bit.ly/3fvqPHp).

This “constellation of initiatives” brainstorming, collaborative problem solving, and community education approach will--

1) provide community service of Climate Emergency guidance (and guidance on many other critical challenges) from thousands of organizations and institutions with decades of high visibility and high credibility experience
2) provide clear visualization of transformations needed in every aspect of our lives (climate action;
hunger; water scarcity; housing; land rights; biodiversity; civic engagement; peacebuilding, etc.)
3) provide equivalent of needs assessment for local communities, re kind which precedes Community
Visioning (many overviews of visioning http://bit.ly/2lWS4o3 ; 13 minute doc http://bit.ly/2uE1XX5 )
4) provide focus, urgency for local surveys of key leaders (prior to Visioning; re challenges and solutions needed)--the responses to which can demonstrate need for Community Visioning, and for many supporting Neighborhood Learning Centers
5) make best use of the collective wisdom we have, and the contributions each of us can make
6) open up many new lines of discussion on how people can work through differences, get on the same side, and help each other
7) be a great asset to the “over 1747 local governments in 30 countries (that) have declared a Climate Emergency” (as of 7/18/20)(see @MobilizeClimate campaign)

Below is solution array in tweet #2 of “17 Tweet Series” (key document)

Worldwide Surveys of Positive Tipping Point Organizations (5-10 page overviews) on Challenges and Solutions; Surveys of Key Local Leaders on Challenges and Solutions; Emergency Humanitarian Aid; Community Visioning; Neighborhood Learning Centers; Gender Equality; Relocalization; Village Industries/Cottage Industries; Food Sovereignty; Agrarian Reform; Circular Economy; Zero Waste; Lifelong Education; Appropriate Technology; Community Supported Manufacturing; Community Supported Agriculture; Community Land Trusts; Transition Towns; Ecovillages; Agroecology; Permaculture; Energy Storage Systems; Renewable Energy; Energy Returned On Energy Invested (EROEI); Microgrids; Neighbor to Neighbor Community Education (in newspapers/newsletters); Local Currency; Inspiring Role Models; Socially Responsible Investing; Socially Engaged Spirituality; Interfaith Prayer Vigils; Right Livelihood; Civic Responsibility; Voluntary Simplicity; Honesty, Hard Work, Faith, Forgiveness; Wisdom

See also
--“Current Outreach Documents” on the homepage of www.cpcsi.org
--"Key Documents and Resources" webpage at www.cpcsi.org.
--and @StefanPasti at Twitter


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