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Byron bay, New South Wales, Australia
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Seed Savers Network Mum n Dad Visit its Local Seed Network

Posted by Michel Fanton almost 13 years ago

We are on the road in Australia meeting with the original gardeners seed savers in Australia.

After travelling to Hobart Tasmania latitude 43 south, and the Tableland in North Queensland Latitude 17.6 , where we learn so much about how people organise their seed networks, this time Irene and David Wallin the founders of Bellingen Seed Savers who have been beating the drum to announce the meeting; by the way the couple  coordinating the local seed networks for a while now and this time around they are organising a one day course and have invited us  on Sunday 18th this month of September to teach a course and give a talk and screen one of our films the previous evening that is Saturday night 17th then if i am not mistaken. It will be an exciting weekend for Jude and I to be in beautiful Bellingen, New South Wales Australian Pacific Coast, if you dont know well the southern hemisphere that is so close to ancient rainforests...

Jude and I are fired up by the prospect of having participants who really know they onions. It wont be a matter of turning gardeners into seed savers but more like getting into the fine points of producing seeds and strategies to extend the diversity of  food garden and therefore diet. Everyone will learn something. That is the point of the exercise. We certainly like to hear from people who mix their ornemantals and their food plants going to seed. We do ourselves because we cant help loving colours. In any case when you let your gardens go to seed you got flowers for the pleasure of the eyes, you have insects  and butterfiles flowers to garnish daily salads.

At the moment gardeners- seed savers of Bellingen my little finger told me that you certainly have many plants flowering: purple flowered radish and daikons, many kinds of asian brassicas that love to get crossed but all the same  as as crossed as they might be keep on giving us delish bok choys, marigolds, rockets, and the luminous flowers of chicories start to pop up. There are many more but i need to get back to the gardens if you dont mind.

See you soon  in Bellingen! and Jude and I are available to travel. BTW for the majority who do not know us, we have started the Seed savers Network in 1986 and travel worldwide to visit seed projects, contribute, participate and show our films. There are also 350 clips we have shot and uploaded on our site via youtube.com/seedsavers

All our best wishes to the IPC in Jordan!

Ww wish we could be there.



Jude%20and%20ore%20with%20carrot%20lores Img 0091 Jude%20and%20miche%20in%20front%20of%20csb%20dinnur

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