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Homestead Update December 2015

Posted by David Dahlsrud over 8 years ago

Homestead Update Dec 2015

Well here we go... knee deep in the hustle and bustle of the Season! Not much time for games, unless you make the time....

We've been plugging along on a project to renovate the front yard thistle patch into a usable growing area.  We're doing a sheet mulch rehab on the area.  First we set down a nice thick layer of cardboard, then put down a 2 inch layer of compost, then about an inch of moldy hay, then another 4 inches of compost.  I would have liked to put in a  layer of manure or topsoil, but we just didn't have any of that readily available.  I put a dusting of ash from the wood stove, and some Redmond Salt for added mineral content.  It can't be any worse than the thistle patch!

Sheet Mulch
Sheet mulch beds in the front yard!

We've been feeding hay to the cattle for about a month or so and they are looking good still.  We haven't finished off butchering the rest of the meat birds yet, but their time will come!

We've got a big upgrade to the solar electrical in the works along with another upgrade to the battery bank and standby generator.  Right now we're on power rationing so things are pretty tight for the time being.  Well that's it for now... until next time.

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