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Melissa Andrews
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Cape Town, South Africa
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Al Baydha Project Marda Permaculture Farm, Palestine Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge Daraja Academy Permaculture Project Kinesi Orphans Permaculture Project Recovery of Foodforestsystems at foot of Kilimanjaro Kigamboni Community Centre Badilisha Ecovillage Foundation Trust Long Valley Klien Karoo Sustainable Dryland Permaculture Project Singalila Bio-conservation project
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About Melissa Andrews

I became interested in permaculture from living in Dubai, and spending a lot of money on fruit and vegetables! I also, became a vegan and raw vegan, and in doing this realised that growing my own food was the ideal. So I started researching it on the net, and came across a couple of permaculture videos, and was immediately convinced. Since then I've done a PDC in South Africa, a PDC in Palestine and attended the IPC in Jordan 2011.

I've also undertaken a 9-month, 15000 km eco-inspired scooter safari (carbon-neutral) across Southern Africa, aiming to raise awareness about ecological living, permaculture and all the good stuff :-) We planted trees, volunteered for Food & Trees for Africa doing project assessments across the country, stayed at eco-friendly establishments or camped and visited permaculture projects - with the goal of documenting each project to further raise awareness. Our work has been published in numerous magazines, a photographic exhibition is planned and hopefully, a TV Series and book. Do check out Our Trip for more info and photo stories.

My plan for the future is the following: My husband and I (I am South African, he is Namibian) aim to drive overland from Cape Town to Dubai in a car made from scrap parts, running on biofuels (waste oil) to raise awareness about sustainable living and eco-friendly travel. To this end, I am creating a website Eco-friendly Africa Travel, which will be a portal for all eco-travel for the continent and will also serve as a hub for all the permaculture projects we will visit/work on along the way.

As a writer/photographer team, we will document and record all projects that we visit, raising awareness about permaculture and the wonderful work going on in the Middle East and Africa, and help these small projects to raise funding, as I feel they are not in the public eye.


Carbon-neutral scooter safari across Southern Africa

Follow a scooter odyssey into rural South Africa, looking at projects in remote villages, townships and ghettos, food security and sustainability, permaculture and more.

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Going to the IPC in Jordan

We're going to be at the IPC in Jordan so hope to meet some of you there!

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My Badges
Aid worker
My Permaculture Qualifications
Wild Olive PDC
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Hazel Mugford
Other Teachers: Avice Hindmarch
Location: Wild Olive Guest Farm, South Africa
Date: Oct 2010
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Klaudia van Gool
Other Teachers: Rhamis Kent, Murad J.R.ALkhufash
Location: Marda village, Palestine
Date: Apr 2011

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