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Posted by Rebekah Copas almost 13 years ago

This link is to comments I made in Daniel Pinchbeck's Reality Sandwich website, about an interview he did with Deepak Chopra; in my commentary I am highlighting an aspect of their discourse which was ill considered.



The link above is to the Reality Sandwich website, (of Daniel Pinchbeck), where there is a link to the website of Deepak Chopra, in which is a link to a video, of an interview Deepak Chopra made with Daniel Pinchbeck, and people he is working with.  Their ideas are interesting in respect of livestock, and the need to enable livestock to continue nomadic travel through arid lands.  However, there are a couple of points that they missed out, which are particularly relevant within the unique ecology of Australia.  So I made some comments under the link in the Reality Sandwich site.  My comments are directed at Daniel Pinchbeck in particular.


The Reality Sandwich website sustains a lot of discourse about the use of plant hallinagens for exorcism, which at times comes across like an excuse for addicts, but is certainly not intended as that, and I would discourage anybody from thinking of Daniel Pinchbeck's website in those terms.  My own point of veiw about this, is informed by the ways I know, from within Aboriginal Australian culture, of performing exorcism, and I will explain a little of this here, since there is a real relationship between the work of exorcists, and permaculture.


When an exorcism is done, the exorcist makes quite a thorough evaluation of the subconscious psychology of a patient, (which is why drugs can be used at times), and in particular assesses the subconscious thought associations, which may have lead the conscious mind into specific patterns of delusional thinking.  The delusional thinking needs to be corrected, for the physical health to improve.  It is easy to understand why any exorcist may believe that exorcisms need to be conducted to enable humanity to believe in our capablity to prevent global warming.  In my own humble work at healing the minds of others, I find that knowledge of permaculture, and work in permaculture, can be a good way to provide a patient with a higher valued quality of hope, beneficial for the health of the body.  Most exorcists are using similar methods in this modern world, to prove to patients that the health of the mind and the body is dependent upon work to improve Earth's ecology.  This has always been the method, even before there was any danger such as global warming, but today, the methods of exorcists are all the more useful.


Daniel Pinchbeck's website relates many stories of such exorcism work, which is why i have occassionally had a look at it, and made a few comments.  However, a few weeks ago, I had a look for the first time in about a year, and I got a metaphorical "bee in the bonnet" about some of the language being used, in respect of the "Burning Man" event due to happen soon in the desert of Nevada.  What is a "burner" I had to wonder.  My concern is born in a most basic analysis of the world through a method which is not known to modern western science, of assessing the elements, not as we think of in the periodic table, but in respect of elements which represent modes of belief in the human mind.  The elements are Earth, water, wood, air, and fire.  Earth element thinking knows what we can all collectively agree to be existing in the solid matter of the world.  Water element thinking moves rapidly between different beliefs, and is how we ever could "change our mind".  Wood element thinking is the memory, both collective subconscious memory in the genetics, and interpreted via mythos, and immediate personal memory.  Air element thinking is as we witness with our eyes, both seeing the world as everybody can, and with our inner eye.  But fire element thinking can be slightly harder to define, just as fire itself is.  Fire thinking reconciles other thoughts.  Often our language about these matters depicts our internal approach to the world.


So I set about using my knowledge of the methods of exorcism, to thoroughly investigate why something about the language at the Reality Sandwich website, had stimulated my own fears for the environment.  Previously that website had stimulated more wood element in my own thinking, but suddenly it was a bit too fire oriented, without necessarily inhabiting all of the reconciling thoughts which fire is capable of enabling.  That concerns me because of the real realtionship the Reality Sandwich website has had, with the exorcists in South America, and I worried about too much wood being burned.  From the point of view of the knowledge of exorcisms, use of too much fire thinking, is clearly causal to deforestation, however, from an Australian point of view, were many species of flora, actively need fire to sprout, it is the role of an indigenous Australian voice, to step in when other exorcists feel too consumed with fire.


I made quite a few comments into the Reality Sandwich website in the past couple of weeks, until I came across the link in this post here, and therein, satisfied my curiosity about what had stimulated my fear for the environment.  Surely there would not actually prove to be any problem within the website, since it states it was openly committed to preventing global warming, and yet, it also announces itself as a little too accepting of the methods of drug use, so I kept looking until I found what had been causing me to feel fear.  In the interview in the link I am posting here, Daniel Pinchbeck mentions Australia only to say ours are the oldest deserts, (as though we did it first so were to blame for deserts, yet indigenous Australian know how is also first in having enabled desert ecologies), and he talks much about all his own visits into areas which have suffered diminishing population, (of plants animals and humans), and highlights the need to prevent the growth of deserts, so as to prevent global warming.  I wanted to highlight to Mr Pinchbeck, that he has missed out on the crucial point of the uses of fire to enable plant growth, and simultaneously, tied together other posts I had made recently in his website, by defining my thinking partially, in respect of how to manage the fire element kind of thinking, so as that it need not prevent wood element thinking.


In the mind of any well trained experienced exorcist, it is totally apparent that the whole of the futures market, (which trades on the commodity of the right to trade in other commodities, as though that right could be bought and sold, without then becoming a priviledge rather than a right), is very much embroiled in a delusional evaluation of the world, based in fire element thinking having turned into delusions.  Immediately also, to anybody who has knowledge of the kinds of delusions which are typical in opium addiction, and also common enough among alcohol consumers, there appears to be an immediate relationship between trading in the priviledge of being capable of trading, and opium and alcohol born delusional thinking.  Both opium and alcohol are substances which stimulate fire element based thinking, and so have the tendency, when unmanaged, to consume wood element thinking.  Thus many people in the industrialised nations, where such substances can be accessible even to the poor, and have been fashionable among the rich, tend to have underdeveloped memories about the consequences of human behaviour.


For example, there are many kinds of alcoholics, both wealthy and poor, and they have a tendency to blame one another as the excuse for their own consumption of alcohol.  Yet say a wealthy business partner, who was alcoholic, and suffering alcohol related delusions, blamed a pauper who was also alcoholic, and also suffering the same, or similar delusions, and blamed that pauper for not paying a bill, as the wealthy person's excuse for undermining the economy by investing in a non-existant investment that enough wealthy businessmen were delusional about, that it seemed to be profitable temporarily to invest; well then, perhaps the pauper is the peanut farmer and the wealthy businessmen were investing in the future right to trade in peanuts, but then the peanut crops failed, . . . the peanut farmer lost out worst, but if nobody had any alcohol based delusion happening, it could have been just one bad season, and all the wealthy business folk could have covered the farmer for that season, but instead, they had already profited from a possibility of sales of peanuts, before anybody knew the crop would fail!!  No wonder agriculture is in the mess that it has been!  The problem is when fire element based thought processes get used to fulfil the human need for pleasure.  Basically if fire element thinking happens, it is going to hurt, (either a burning pain or freezing pain, both sort of the same, but either hot or cold like ice), and if it doesn't hurt sometime, then that indicates the presence of delusions.  Opium abuse happens because its use is only stable by becoming delusional very rapidly if the user does not withdraw from opium more or less immediately they use it, and experience withdrawal pains.  But to get through into the minds of addicts, we need to understand that use of many drugs, especially alcohol and opium, can also initially enable clarity of perception.  How most psycho-active drugs work, is by first stimulating excessive production of mana in the physical body, and then through exchanges of the mana of one person for that of another, and that fact is hidden by how the mana is exchanged by a transition between elements, (which is the same as saying that substances become exchanged in the fluids of the body, which ought not have been exchanged).  The problem is not that humanity is not conscious of drug addiction as the problem, but that most of those who do not use drugs for pleasure, were certainly taking pleasure in blaming drug addicts, in a way that was preventing drug addicts from taking their health in hand, and recovering.  The problem was not that opium was so addictive, but that even its medicinal uses have been blamed for causing addictions, and other folk have sought to profit by blaming opiate addiction, as though it was all the opiate addicts fault, that anybody ever felt like profiting from war etc.  Addiction is a hard thing to cure, and therefore must be the hardest state of mind to exist within, and what addicts need is compassion from everybody else.  My point, is that the compassion which addicts need so as to get clean, is that same human expression within which we work to prevent global warming, enable reforestation, and within which work like that of the Permaculture Research Institute, can be made more possible.


My message is that to save the planet, we need to heal her people, and that the fact that too many of Earth's people were addicted to fire element stimulating drugs, has a direct relationship with deforestation.  My own recent work is in homeopathy, and I have been working at prescribing homeopathic remedies which enable heroin addicts to be less consumptive in respect of the wood element of their memories, which enables the motivation to stop using drugs.  My work began with working towards sourcing the undue fears held by many, of causing harm to children, at times when no children are even present in the same location.  Clearly our thoughts and attitudes towards children are important, but when considered in a relative sense, what I noticed was too much fear here in our own country, of what could cause harm to children, such that the fear of being culpable for wrong thoughts towards children, was causing worsening behaviour towards children.  Why this fact is relevant, is because: a) much of the kinds of fears in which we fear for children's future, are fire element thinking; b) what I could source, was direct links between fears for children's wellbeing, and those parts of the economy more inclinded to be involved in industries like mining, which caused environmental degradation; c) the fact that the single most concentrated focus of the excessive fears for children's well being, was among heroin addicts who have been at some time inside an Australian prison, (all of who were raped and were unsure as to what crimes had been committed by those who had raped them), and who have been also excessively blamed for the profits of others.  Do not mistake me here, I by no means condone the drug use of addicts, but I have compassion for their predicament, and I will not blame them for having been in that trap.  Furthermore, I am witness to facts in which I am sure that by holding a forgiving compassion for addicts, in which we are enabling of addicts to discontinue from abusing substances which stimulate fire element delusions, we can most rapidly enable more other persons also, to begin to feel like planting trees.


thanks for reading my long involved post

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