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Tim Barker


  • Joined: 09/11/2011
  • Location: The Koanga institute, North island , New Zealand
  • Climate Zone: Sub tropical
  • Gender: Male

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About Tim Barker

I started my permaculture journey over 30 years ago after reading Permaculture one in 1981. As time has passed i have found myself becoming more and more passionate about it until finally in 2010 i decided it was time to align my passion with what i did for a living, so i signed up for an internship with PRI Australia. I found my previous life as a eco tour guide, diesel fitter, environmental officer and powerstation operator (all in some of the most remote areas of Australia) had equipped me with a skill set well suited to the practice of this design science call permaculture. I stayed on at PRI attaining the position of farm manager where i oversaw the day to day running of the farm along with co teaching with Geoff Lawton on a regular basis. It was during this time i became increasingly interested in combustion technology and began developing the efficient wood fired hot water systems that are still used on the farm to this day.

Recently i have been working with the Koanga institute in New Zealand as part of a year long working holiday with my family. At the institute i have co taught a number of PDC's (with Dan Palmer of Veg) and lead the 10 week Appropriate technology internship. I have also delivered short courses on Natural beekeeping, small animals and combustion technology. I recently traveled to the Karamea on the South Island and delivered the first PDC for the Living in Peace project there (where i will be delivering two more courses next year)

Shortly i will be heading back to Australia to begin construction on a small family home(60 sqm or less, earth built of course!) This will be situated on a block of land ( approx 600 sqm) as research into just how productive a small well designed site can be. Stay tuned !