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Chao Sobral, Portugal
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Finca Equilibrium

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Tribe Up - Sweden

Posted by João Gonçalves about 9 years ago

Taking place on the 20 August in Sweden. I'm participating in this event to share about my permaculture experience in Portugal, with a special focus on the "learning with elders dynamics" i've been involved with in my hometown and in Aldeia das Amoreiras.




A workshop for existing and planned

eco-communities and non-profit groups

A training session & skill sharing on

how to avoid conflict and healthy

and productive groups

20 & 21 August 2012

Källtorps Ecological Gardens

Stockholm Sweden

Tickets: 750 crowns
Members of Swedish Eco-village Association, Permaculture Association, Lindsbergs Project 50% discount

Curious to get an overview? Here is our program for Tribe Up!

Day 1
Morning 08.30-12.00: 
Stuart Pledger-Sustainable Leadership Lab on "Leadership tools for Tribes - including practicle methods for creating shared vision and creating high performance teams". 

Lunch (12.00-13.00): Delicious eco-food available from Källtorp´s Eko Café 

Afternoon (13.00-17.00):
Diana Leafe Christian (live via Internet link): part 1- 6 Success factors for creating healthy and productive Eco-community cases. Steps to planning, creating and running an eco-organisation or community. 

Eco-Inspiration in short stories (10 min each) from Eco-Wizards; *Joao Pedro Goncales-Permaculture Gardener & Super Adobe Builder on "Youth Connect with the wisdom of the Elders" (Portugal), 
*Jami Scholl-Edible Eden (via internet) on "Bloomington City Garden" (USA), *Helena Mattsson-Off-grid.se on "Building and Living in a Tiny House" (Sweden) 

Evening (17-19.00): Eco-Inspiration: 
Walk in Nature - visit to a forest garden with Christian Odberger, Permaculturist & Guerilla Gardener 
Inspiring Swedish Tribes - Short presentations from; *Pella Thiel-Omställning Sverige on "Värmdö Future Week" 
*Jens Landgre´- Swedish Ecovillage Association and Ecovillage "Good Hands" on "How we started our community"
*Peter Hageroth-Ecovillage Charlottendal on Collaboration between Järna and world reknown Schumacher College
*Per O. Andersson, on Södra Rörums Sambruk. 

Artistic Evening Café (19.00-22.00): 
*Dinner available from Källtorp´s Eko Café 
*Doctor Dancer - Anna B. Scott, via internet we will meet this LA based dance performance artist who will share a thought provoking look at our society Live music from special musical artists 
*Anders Scherp (alias af Scherp) with whose intensly personal melodies will move you deeply and 
*POMBO whose high energy tones will suprise and seduce you.

Day 2:
Morning (09.00-12.00):
Stuart Pledger on High Performance Team Leadership - Methods for influencing others, Conflict Managment, Decision Making and Dynamic Supervision Skills 

Lunch (12.00-13.00) Delicious eco-food available Källtorp´s Eko Café 

*Meri Lähteenoksa, Wise Everday Life - how one Finnish city suberb successfully changed itself into a dynamic eco-center",
*Diana Leafe Christian via internet from Ravenwood, USA -part 2 - Ecovillage experience and wisdom - The How to steps. Dilemmas, Resources available today. Challenges and Opportunities going forward. Stuart Pledger - Next steps - for the Tribe Up! the movement...
*The act of "Tribing up" is about collecting a group of friends, family and acquaintances to share life skills, know-how, tools, purchasing power, networks, a Facebook page and even a physical place like a local café or an eco-village. This type of sharing is specifically aimed at creating the "Good Life" here and now!

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Social Permaculture & Appropriate Technology in a Portuguese Village
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