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San Pedro Columbia, Tol, Belize
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Maya Mountain Research Farm

Maya Mountain Research Farm

San Pedro Columbia, BZ

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8th Annual Permaculture Design Course

Posted by Christopher Nesbitt over 11 years ago

Maya Mountain Research Farm is the oldest permaculture project in Central America. This course is a great opportunity to learn permaculture in a location that is a result of 24 years of work.

8th Annual
Permaculture Design Course,
February 18th through
March 1st, 2013

February 18th through  March 1st, 2013
Place: Maya Mountain Research Farm
San Pedro Columbia, BELIZE

Albert Bates, Andrew Goodheart Brown, Christopher Nesbitt & local guest instructors.
Cost:USD1250/Belize$2500 includes organic farm fresh meals, all course materials and expeditions, comfortable accommodation in the farm, and a certificate or Permaculture Design upon completion of the course.
For Details, or to register, please contact Christopher at info(a)mmrfbz.org.

Through lecture, discussion, small groups, site visits and hands on experience, participants will gain the tools to create sustainable, ecologically based homes, farms, businesses and communities.

Tucked into the foothills of the Maya Mountains, two miles up river from the village of San Pedro Columbia in southern Belize, Maya Mountain Research Farm is a working demonstration farm and registered NGO that promotes sustainable agriculture, appropriate technology and food security using permaculture principles and applied biodiversity. With 24 years of organic management and conversion from an abandoned cattle and citrus farm to a polyculture, MMRF is one of Central Americas oldest permaculture farms.

A scholarship for this Permaculture Design Course is being offered by Maya Mountain Research Farm in memory of Anne Bulford. Anne Bulford graduated from Antioch College, was active in organic agriculture in Ohio, working at Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association, and died in November, 2008 of cancer. She has two boys, Peter and Skyler, who live with Annes mother, Sally. Applicants must be Belizean or Guatemalan, working in agriculture in the communities adjacent to the Maya Mountains in Belize, or in Izabel or Peten Department of Guatemala, and a farmer or community leader. To apply, please contact Christopher Nesbitt with a description of the work you are doing, and a resume or CV and explain why you would like to participate in this course.


Albert Bates is a former lawyer, paramedic, graphic artist and author of eleven books on energy, environment and law, and produced two films on ecovillages. He is the founder of the Ecovillage Network of the Americas and was active in the creation of the Global Ecovillage Network. He has lectured and universities and government agencies and worked on natural buildings, village infrastructure, and permaculture landscapes on 6 continents. He has been teaching permaculture design courses since 1994.

Andrew Goodheart Brown, M.Sc. in Sustainable Use of Natural Resources; Permaculture Teacher and Practitioner since 1994; International Consultant in Ecological Agriculture; Organic Gardener and Home Orchardist (a total fruit nut!); Gourmet Natural Food Chef; Artisanal Bread Baker and Home Brewer; Endangered Species Observer; Naturalist and Field Biologist.

Christopher Nesbitt has lived and studied agriculture in Belize since the mid 1980s. He worked for Green & Blacks, an organic chocolate company, from 1997 to 2004 on issues related to organic certification, Fairtrade certification and extension. He was a founding member of Belize Organic Producers Association, and has worked as a consultant for the Government of Belize’s Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Department. He installs photovoltaic and photovoltaic/wind hybrid systems in protected areas, schools, village level photovoltaic water pumps, and teaches agroforestry.

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