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“An Artisan Market for Burlingame Avenue?” by Willi Paul & Planetshifter.com

Posted by Willi Paul almost 2 years ago

- excerpt -

Does Burlingame Ave accuracy reflect the values of the residents and our visitors or is this place more like a chaotic mix-up of landlord whims and long-dripping corporate capriciousness?

There are opportunities and empty buildings here (Two specific sites are discussed: the 1234 Burlingame Ave. property recently vacated by J Crew and the old post office property) and a plethora of exciting sustainable examples to ponder. But does the City government have a vision for the Ave? Conversely, do the citizens have a voice in its design? Who is in charge?

Can a retail district morph into community spaces? The following citizen-conversation is edited from a recent Nextdoor thread about the possible loss of charm on the Ave. This is our piece:



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Date: Jun 2011

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