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hawi, HI, United States
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Grafting Frankinscence

Posted by Tom Baldwin over 11 years ago

Using Grafting for an Expanding Germplasm

I have been growing copal trees here for several years now and have a decent collection of trees scattered about the farm. In total probably close to fourty. These include plants in the genus Boswellia (frankinscence), Commiphora (Myrrh), and Bursera from the new world which includes most well know Palo Santo from Peru and Ecuador. All these plants thrive in the windy location of the dry farm, and in the last several years we have been having extended drought conditions.

To get a broader genetic base and to develop seed I have been grafting other varieties of Boswellia so that cross pollination can occur and seeds can develop which we can grow out and sell as well as market the seeds through my friends seed business called Sacred Succulents.

I have recently had success treating my daughters cold sores with near instaneus affect with the sap of one of the Bursera trees and a leaf tea that has controlled and stopped the spread of impetigo a bacterial staph infection that is very contagious with children and thrives in hot humid climates.

While in Mexico a friend was attempting to treat a bacterial infection on the eyes of his milking goat with antibiotic cream to no avail when a couple of us botanophiles sugggested the stem and leaf tea of the local copal trees, and with immediate success it dried up the secretions and put the infection towards healing.

in general I have adjusted the dry farm where I live and spend most of my time to emphasize and restore degraded pasture land into trees with yields including medicine and a broad genetic base that is adapted to the uncertain dry spells that seems to be becoming a trend. In this intriguing group of plants with complex biochemistry that can help with a world that is increasingly filled with antibiotic resistant organisms and pathogenic bacterias.


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Helder Valente
Helder Valente : Hi mate...i would love to get some palo santo...it smells so goood...

Keep up the good work
Posted over 11 years ago

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