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Chief Phillip 'Cloudpiler' Landis 's Profile
Chief Phillip 'Cloudpiler' Landis
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Humansville, MO, United States
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate


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The Center For Bioregional Living Permaculture Trade Association Renaissance Polyculture Sheltering Hills Design Feral Feet The Human Habitat Project No Small Dreams 2701 North 29th Street Village Farme (Fernandes-Whitten Home) Kinesi Orphans Permaculture Project Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute Rustling Knapweed Forest Garden ape99.org Shepherd's House (Nashville) Nemenhah PermaVillage Condor/Eagle Chapter PermaVillage Living Rhythm Farm Fern Rd. Farm Multi-functional Hedgerows
Aaron  Elton Andrew Millison Anne Hertz B. Santifer R. Claudian Dobos Deanna Howe Ethan Roland Floyd C. Constable Gypsy Phillips Jesse Leavitt João Gonçalves Jonathan Dempster Jonathan Takeda Bessone Kate Beveridge Klifford J Fyshwick Kyle Chamberlain Loren Taylor Luyendyk Matthew Lynch peter hartman PJ Chmiel Robert Puckett ROHITH RAJENDRAN Rubén Navarro Vanessa Monge Augusto Fernandes Wendy Howard
April Sampson-Kelly Artur Bicelli Coimbra Carly Gillham DeeAnn Downing Eden Gal Elena Parmiggiani Ethan Roland Fattah Nelson-Wedin Filipa Simoes Floyd C. Constable Frank Gapinski Geoff Lawton jordan lowery Joshua Konkankoh Justin Tilson Kyle Chamberlain Kyle Walters Mark Crumpton Matthew Lynch Max Vittrup Jensen Michel Fanton Nick Huggins Nick Ritar Owen Hablutzel PJ Chmiel Russ Purvis Terry Glidden Timothy Bayer Tom Kendall William Kearns

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Spreading the Word

Nemenhah Chapters are taking up Sustainable Permaculture.

Posted about 13 years ago (3 comments)

What a Difference Soil Makes!

Transforming leached, sandy clay with very little humus, into rich, fecund, living Earth!

Posted about 13 years ago (2 comments)

Spring Preparations - and Patience

Spring in the Mid-West more often than not is a preparation time for progress looked for.

Posted over 13 years ago (1 comments)

Urban Permaculture

Hundreds of Nemenhah homeowners and renters are discovering they can design and implement Permaculture projects to make their homes more sustainable.

Posted over 13 years ago (0 comments)

The Built Environment

Permaculture Ethics in Earth-Friendly and Sustainable Building Methods.

Posted over 13 years ago (2 comments)

Community Supported Food

Out of Commerce Food Production is key to food security in the face of Govt. control of the food supply.

Posted over 13 years ago (0 comments)

Farmer Trees

Using existing Mature Trees as Guildmasters

Posted over 13 years ago (0 comments)

Preserving Water Energy

As runoff catchment, my son built this Bamboo Circle.

Posted over 13 years ago (2 comments)

Winter Preparation

Getting ready for a busy year in the project.

Posted over 13 years ago (1 comments)

Chief Cloudpiler

Brief BIO

Posted over 13 years ago (2 comments)
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Chief Phillip 'Cloudpiler' Landis has permaculture experience in:
Cold Temperate
Cool Temperate

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