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los osos, ca, United States
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Food Not Lawns

Posted by rob durham about 13 years ago

Sheet-Mulched Front Lawn turned into a Native/Edible Garden.

This project was my first professional job as a landscape contractor.

The client felt the time had come to remove their front lawn bordered by creosote-soaked railroad ties which was installed 25 years prior. The removal process involved planting right on top of the existing turf using a sheet mulch method where no machinery was used.

Trees and other perennial edibles anchored this mini-botanical garden with paths weaving through drought-tolerant grasses, flowers and succulents. Some of the edibles included strawberry, blueberry, pineapple guava, loquat, pomegranate, jujube, Oregon grape and kumquat.

The second phase turned the lower level into a 4-in-1 orchard where 24 trees were planted throughout 6 holes.

Throughout this project, recycled and local materials such as lumber, hardware, drip tube, broken concrete, horse manure and woodchips found usefulness in very aesthetically pleasing ways.

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Kate Wilson
Kate Wilson : In order to remove the turf, it was necessary to plant directly over it using a sheet mulching technique without the use of any machinery. | concrete Huntsville AL
Posted 11 months ago

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Date: Nov 2009

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