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#ErnestGoesToBlockchain and applies #Permaculture Design

Posted by Ernest Rando 12 months ago

Accomplished a #Permaculture based Sector Zone Analysis on the maintenance required to move into the #blockchain world from a Permaculture Design Perspective. This is based from my experiences over the past year researching and testing blockchain applications, use cases, and governance models.

If you use PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Apple Pay, Google Pay, a bank, manage a website or organizational Facebook page, if u support or create crowdfunded projects, or if you love sharing the news from your favourite social change makers, if you use social media or payment gateways; blockchain will change your life and artificial intelligence already is.

Here is a link to the publicly shared, comment-able google document that I am pasting below. Draft #1-

mission by Priority is to earn an income in order to support pro-social projects or change that requires mass cooperation and a shift in human ethics and values my transitioning your online social and business activity to the blockchain. This is an Analysis of that process. By Ernest Rando (needs updated) Midwest Permaculture Graduate. Search the phrase “Ernest Rando Permaculture


Maintenance in this analysis is identified by the terms: Learn, Create, Practice, Research, Implement, Looking to Develop, and Understand.

Sector Zone Analysis of Cooperative Maintenance

Each zone has simple, complex, and complicated nests of understanding, learning curves, and use depending on the needs and abilities of the interested party (Matrix color code later & link to spreadsheet filled out later from LitePaper {spreadsheet will be zoned vertically, features horizontally}) Create Transition Strategy Guide based on the Matrix, needs, and ability/time commitments.

Zone 1: this zone is for daily to weekly blockchain relationships and skill development. Media Profiles, Publishing, Messaging, Crowd-Funding, Organizational Announcements, Workspaces

  • Best Practice - Understand how you already use social media, how centralized internet companies extract value from you, and how one can use #BlockchainsForGood.
  • #SkillShare - Technical Writing Skills will be developed here, if you aren’t confident your job will exist in 5 years, you should learn Permaculture and Technical Multi-Media Publishing/Writing/Videography/Audiography (find a friend).
  • Learn about Historical Ubiquitous Centralized Tech- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Wordpress, Go Fund Me, Patreon, Kickstarter, Paypal, Google Docs, DropBox, Medium
  • Learn about Developing Tech - Referral Links, Steemit (DTube), Bitbacker, TalllyCoin, Telegram, TwitchTV, Discord, Slack ( create future slack group), Murmur, Karma, Lumeos, SenseChat, Chatbots, google pay, apple pay, TrybeOne
  • Research some New Tech Tools:
    • Exchanges - Coinbase, Livecoin, KuCoin. EosNewDex, EosDexeos, EosRex
    • Wallets: Samarai, Coinomi, FreeWallet, Atomic Wallet (desktop), EosLynx, EosScatter (for Desktops), BraveBrowser BAT Token,, (Dash, LTC, ETH, SmartCash)
    • Block Explorers and Support Hubs
  • Get Prepared with what you need to have and learn in order to earn an income in order to support pro-social projects that require mass cooperation and a shift in human ethics and values your online social and business activity.

    • What you physically need is internet access and an email account. Sometimes a government ID (usually in US), a device to store applications (not absolutely mandatory), and in rare cases the equipment to run a node (an actual desktop).
    • Learn how to read White Papers and do research (BTC Whitepaper reading and discussion link). This is important for mass communication networks that are working together to solve social issues. Being able to verify if projects are being done, milestones are being met, and governance is fair across international boundaries is the emerging pattern where this skill becomes valuable.
    • Learn how to Create an online accounts and keys- Exchanges have very familiar Create Account processes, however decentralized blockchain networks that use keys are entirely different, the language is confusing, and not consistent across networks. Decentralized networks are however more secure than Centralized Databases however.
    • Learn how cloud storage and cloud based workspaces are useful and inexpensive solutions for grass roots medium sized organizations with community focused teams, to accomplish their goals and nourish their communities.
    • Learn how to manage tokens and keys- via a website or wallet (Send/ Receive Exchange Buy/ Sell tokens). Learn what AirDrops, EarnDrops, how to Stake, Lease, rewards, and candies are.
    • Learn and understand Double Spend, Proof of Work, and Proof of Stake, as well as what a Decentralized Autonomous Organizations is.
    • Understand what keys, governance, participatory voting, key phrases, block producers, master nodes, nodes, worker proposals, Constitutions, ICOs, types of storage, levels of security, and levels of decentralization all are.
    • Understand Open Source, Privacy, Security, and Transparency and a few technical protocols like Bitcoin Protocol, and the Know Your Customer protocol. KYC is a common business social agreement that connects some form of government issued ID to your Account. Examples are banks, US Exchanges, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Facebook Merchant Accounts, Kickstarter, Go Fund Me, Credit Cards, Store Cards. KYC is usually only needed when using Fiat Currencies. This plan is for Western Permaculture Audiences.
    • Create keys for the Basic Attention Token and set up the Brave Browser and Understand Brave Rewards.

Zone 2: this zone is for weekly to monthly internet relationships or asset (account) management as well as research & experimentation (learning).

  • Best Practices - use Referral links and share your referral links.
  • Learn how to use a more Secure Browser, an Online Workspace, and Cloud Storage with Extensions and Bot Integrations. Brave, Slack, and Telegram
  • Create additional Blockchain Keys for BTC, ETH, and EOS, create a wallet, and an account on an additional exchange. If using a desktop Create an EosScatter Account.
  • Learn to research and identify Block Explorers and Blockchain Toolkits
  • Research a Dao, a Publishing platform, and a Video or Audio streaming platform and create accounts for your preferred entry point.
  • learn to place limit and market orders
  • Wallets, Updating Profile Dashboards with new payment gateways for crypto/tokens
  • Learn how to read and sign a Constitution of a DAOs
  • Learn how to acquire Drops and Earn Crypto on Coinbase.
  • Create a new profile on a new publishing platform or two.
  • Create and Publish Content.

Zone 3: this zone is for quarterly blockchain relationships or asset (account) management or experiments recommended by other Beta Testers.

These recommendations come with thesis, instructions, timelines, and intentions.

  • Best Practice - observe and practice in blockchain governance. This will extend one’s awareness of Roadmaps and quarterly tech iterations based on direct community participation and feedback. #Decentralize #DeFi
  • Learn how to update and create entries in the Beta Testers Research Data Sheet
  • Beta testers and Influencers will occasionally recommend new tech developments to each other in order to get a broader scope of feedback and determine learning curves or friction points in adoption.
  • Applications that have only been previewed, are in Beta and Development, have well respected partners, have roadmaps and whitepapers are set on the back burner to be reviewed at a later date when there is more information for research and testing.
  • Review Governance updates within blockchain applications and DAOs.

Zone 4: this zone is for quarterly to yearly blockchain medium term relational objectives. 1-3 years

  • Using Permaculture Design Principles we look to establish value for the organizations for whose products we are testing by holistically identifying friction points, intuitional transitions, environmental factors, user expectations, ethical considerations, integration possibilities, feature improvements, trust ratings, communication ratings, and other factors (yet to be identified or identified by client).
  • We are looking to take advantage of crowdEarning by working as a Decentralized Cooperative with shared analytical and reporting tools to Crowd Test emerging Blockchain and AI tech developments in order to Ethically ease the adoption of Decentralized Finance.
  • We are looking to develop smart contracts that will allow collaborative freelance agreements between and for Project Developers, the Cooperative of testers, and Influencers (as defined ethically for pro-social change).  
  • We are also looking to develop relationships with Influencers who may wish to decrease the learning curves for organizational user adoption.
  • We are looking to develop analysis for end users wanting to reduce their dependence on centralized authorities and participate more in governance, decentralized finance, and financial sovereignty.
  • Develop business relationships with Brand Platforms wanting Incentivise end users by rewarding their attention or feedback. Intentionally seek out local, regenerative, and ethical Brands. Example: SolarCoin, MedicCoin, TreeCoin, and there is a french one too #BlockchainForGood.
  • Connect Brave Rewards with ones Publishing Platform. (Steemit, YouTube)

Zone 5: this zone is the wild zone where edgzones will emerge from. Instead at this point we begin to make a plan for your current social media for change mission, community, project, or business.

Environmental Factors Analysis - new emerging environmental factors due to the rapid acceleration of eco-social change.

  • Climate Factors, Unstable Governance Institutions, Fiat Inflation, Markets, Valuing Ecological Community Solutions that require Mass levels of Trust for mass levels of cooperation for massive shifts in cultural change, decentralization of technological developments, trends in adoption, new emerging use cases in smart contracts, continued testing in blockchain governance arrangements, integrations of emerging blockchain and AI  technology, migration, as of yet unseen patterns.

Drafted by Ernest Rando and available for comments and questions.  Join the Telegram Discussion and develop the skills that may help your community thrive in right relationship with its environment. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, send me PayPal via Facebook, Tip me Soon By the Lightning Network via Twitter, Contribute to my work by USD or BTC, Contribute by

Send me Crypto Directly:
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Check out the #ErnestGoesToBlockchain YouTube Research Playlist

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