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Sarvesvara Dasa
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Dubai, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India, United Arab Emirates
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Wet/Dry Tropical

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Planning to do PDC in India

Posted by Sarvesvara Dasa almost 11 years ago

I am planning to take the PDC course in India - Darjeeling.

Yes the plan is set now.

I will be taking up the PDC with Rico Zook in India coming November 2013. I am really excited about this.

7th November - 21st November, 10th Annual Permaculture Design Certification Course, India. More details are hereĀ http://i-permaculture.org/schedule/

Any suggestions to read / listen / watch - before taking this course?

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Jyoti Deshpande
Jyoti Deshpande : hi, i have travelled the journey that u plan to travel and believe me, it is wonderful! i have done the pdc with rico, though in indonesia and also had two more teachers there. i would recommend u to read "permaculture-an earthusers manual' by rosemary morrow and gaia's garden-by toby hemenway. watch a lot of permaculture videos on u-tube. these will help u bring home more takeaways from the PDC in darjeeling :-) i read and googled for 2 years before taking the pdc and i could understand and absorb each and every word of not only rico but all the other teachers and other participants too!! all the best...happy to connect
Posted almost 11 years ago

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Sarvesvara Dasa
Sarvesvara Dasa : Hi Jyoti, Thanks for your words.

I am already glued to youtubes & other online medias. Surely will try to catchup with the books you suggested.

Thanks again.
Posted almost 11 years ago

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Upendra Sri Sainath
Upendra Sri Sainath : Just saw this post Sarveswara Dasa. What Jyoti ji said is true. I would like to add a few more to the list.

Books 1. Introduction to permaculture - Bill Mollison 2. Permaculture Designers manual- Bill Mollison 3. PA Yeomans Keyline plan (Also called 'water for every farm' 4. An Agricultural testament by Albert howard Watch almost all videos on youtube make sure you dont miss any video of David Holmgren and Geoff lawton. There is a youtube channel named natureNco where you can find videos of Geoff and Bill's PDC in 2001. watch all videos of geoff.. the list is here

Videos 1. Introdcution to permaculture - geoff lawton 2. Establishing food forest - Geoff lawton 3. Water harvesting & earthworks geoff lawton 4. Nature Nco Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/Naturenco/videos?view=0&shelf_index=1&sort=p 5. Understanding Soils and Composting

There are more such

Loads of things that i could add to this list but i think initially these should work.

make sure you learn atleast a little about local plant species and native species especialy Legumes and Dynamic accumulators. If you are attending the PDC having a farm land in your mind that you would want to design and establish using permaculture, make sure you take as much data as possible about the land prior to attending the PDC. Make sure you understand climatic classification of that land, sunpaths, wind directions, seasons, annual precipitation, soil type, soil constituents, Client Vision and requirements, native species of that area and local food systems. When you have more information it really helps you to receive the maximum from your teacher and co-students.

Wish you all the best !!!
Posted almost 11 years ago

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Date: Aug 2013
Permaculture Design Certificate Course
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Verifying teacher: rico zook
Other Teachers: Rohin D'Souza
Location: Mineral Springs, Darjeeling, India
Date: Nov 2013

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