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Karlstad, Sweden
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The Panya Project

The Panya Project

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Want a free copy of Regenerative Enterprise?

Posted by Richard Perkins over 9 years ago

To celebrate our pioneering new Permaculture site we're giving away a copy of Regenerative Enterprise...


To celebrate the beginning of our new Permaculture project & enterprise we thought is would be perfect to give away a copy of Ethan Roland & Gregory Landau's new book Regenerative Enterprise.  I first met Ethan whilst working in Thailand, then again during my time at Gaia University in California, where Gregory also studied. 

Globally we have spent a huge amount of resources, energy and money wreaking havoc on soil, ecosystems and ultimately our own health, and we are going to have to spend a lot more to restore it all.  But as Ethan & Gregory put it, "It is no longer acceptable to create financial profits by extracting the foundational living wealth of our lands and waters. Enterprises need a new model with which to interpret the world, and a new process for whole-systems design and decision-making."

Money is still largely a contentious issue in the Permaculture world it seems, and as a newly establishing farm & education project in a country where the cost of living and taxation is amongst the highest in the world designing for multi- capital abundance is crucial.  There's a real false sense of security in a country like Sweden (which a lot of people are not aware derives a great deal of income from a booming arms trade) and the high standard of living & lack of perceived fragility lends to a certain degree of inertia in implementing resilient and designed responses here as far as we can see.

Having developed a successful business committed to the benefit of all over the years we have always supported others to look at how to apply regenerative design to their economy, and have constantly been adapting and innovating in our own work to mimic ecosystemic processes.   We like to show people how PermacultureEthics & Principles can equally be applied to money & business to create mutually beneficial functional interconnections.  Win, Win, Win's you might say.

What we appreciate about Ethan & Gregory's work is the skillful and eloquent effort to define the difference between degenerative, sustainable, and regenerative systems. The book articulates the four factors of a regenerative enterprise, and the principles for designing regenerative enterprise ecologies.  Having defined 8 clear forms of capital, the authors' articulate the multiple forms of capital with which we transact every day, and opens the door for an evolutionary approach to economics and profits.

Want to get a copy of this ground- breaking book and start designing multi- capital abundance into your life & Permaculture work?  Comment here on how you think you would benefit from a copy and we will pick a lucky winner at the end of the week (6th Dec) and post you a copy!


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