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Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
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Rainwater Harvesting System Inventory

Posted by Rene Michalak about 8 years ago

The CANARM Prairie Chapter 2014 Fall Training Tour, led by Rene Michalak, turned out to be a valuable research and development exercise. Numerous commercial and residential rainwater harvesting systems were inventoried and promoted to increase awareness o

The CANARM Prairie Chapter 2014 Fall Training Tour, led by Rene Michalak, turned out to be a valuable research and development exercise. The training in Edmonton and Red Deer had low registration but the time was spent taking inventory of operating rainwater harvesting systems (RWHS) and meeting and conversing with key industry contacts to assess the state of rainwater harvesting in Alberta. Calgary’s workshop saw five people take the training including tours of three rainwater harvesting systems in Calgary (two residential, one commercial) and a visit to the CIPHEX West trade show at Stampede Park.

The full collection of photos of the Alberta RWHS inventory can be viewed on the CANARM Prairie Chapter facebook page.

Edmonton’s touring included the EPCOR Tower, Cooper Urban Homestead, Hole Enjoy Centre (St. Albert), and the Lois Hole Public Library.

Red Deer featured the Red Deer College’s BCTL Trades expansion, Berry Architecture Head Office, and the Michalak Urban Homestead.

And, Calgary showcased the Verge Permaculture Urban Homestead (click picture for video), Avalon Discovery 5 Home, the Calgary Water Centre, and the EchoHaven development in Rocky Ridge (NW)

Going forward into 2015, the CANARM Prairie Chapter is lining up Installer Certification training in Lethbridge and Saskatoon, and presentations to groups like the Canada Green Building Council and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association on the potential for, and progress of, rainwater harvesting for both residential and commercial roof capture systems. Additional goals are to expand our presence into Manitoba communities and to begin setting up demonstration projects in collaboration with complementary organizations / businesses and institutions.

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Date: Jan 2011
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Location: Calgary, AB
Date: Jun 2012
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Date: Jun 2013
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Other Teachers: Dr. Nick Savidov, Dr. James Tidwell
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Date: Nov 2013
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Rainwater Harvesting Certification (CANARM)
Type: Other
Teacher: Ken Nentwig
Location: Surrey, British Columbia
Date: Jan 2013
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