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Online Beekeeping Course

Posted by Josiah Wallingford about 4 years ago

PermaEthos teamed up with Michael Jordan of A Bee Friendly Company to product a series of online Beekeeping courses. 
The first course, Are Bee's for Me?, is being released today for $49 and includes three hours of video. 


This first course covers: 
Beekeeping Laws - The laws lesson really helps you understand what laws to look for and where to go for more information. 
Allergic Reactions - The allergic reactions lesson teaches you what to do if you are stung by a bee wether you have an allergic reaction or not. 
Beekeeping Terms and Definitions - The definitions help you understand all of the words other beekeepers use, which is helpful in communication with mentors. 
A History of Beekeeping - The History lesson and assignment would be greatly beneficial for anybody that plan on keeping bee’s. 

If this course does well, we start work on a huge lineup of Beekeeping Courses. Here is what we have in mind: 
• Module 1 - Introduction to Beekeeping (Are Bee's for Me?) - Available NOW! 
• Module 2 - Location and Costs 
• Module 3 - The Colony Infrastructure 
• Module 4 - Hives 
• Module 5 - Logistics 
• Module 6 - Bee Installations 
• Module 7 - Bee Traps and Catchers 
• Module 8 - Feeds 
• Module 9 - Management 
• Module 10 - Managing Maladies 
• Module 11 - Hive Activity 
• Module 12 - Spring Management 
• Module 13 - House Cleaning 
• Module 14 - Sweet Nectar 
• Module 15 - Growth 
• Module 16 - Production Processes 
• Module 17 - Summer Management 
• Module 18 - The Harvest 
• Module 19 - Fall Management 
• Module 20 - End of the Season 
• Module 21 - Yearly Upkeep 
• Module 22 - Honey 
• Module 23 - Pollen 
• Module 24 - Beeswax 
• Module 25 - Propolis 
• Module 26 - Royal Jelly 
• Module 27 - Bee Venom 
• Module 28 - Mead 
• Module 29 - Tricks of the Trade 
• Module 30 - Specialty Fields

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