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Ladismith, Western Cape, South Africa
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Drylands Mandala Garden

Posted by Alex Kruger over 10 years ago

We will be putting in a mandala garden just before the winter frosts really get us ..our group of interns will be doing this as part of their Zone 1 practicals..

Text and pics to be added as soon as we start next week..

Well the Mandala was completed some time ago, which was great fun, and involved revisiting circle maths!

Here are some pictures of the garden in the frosty month of June.

And in late July - a great deal has been harvested, mostly leafy greens and radishes. A warm spell in the last two weeks gave all the plants a push, but i'm not sure what the snow on the mountains is going to do for this lot!

Updating once the brassicas have got through this patch.

Holding thumbs for the artichokes

Frozen%20mandala%202 Frozen%20mandala1

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