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The Hummingbird Project

The Hummingbird Project

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A Thank You to Permaculture Supporters

Posted by Theron Beaudreau over 11 years ago

In appreciation of the supporters that have made this Permaculture Design Course a success! Creation Flame, Wheatsville Co-op, Zhi Tea, and many more!

Facilitating this Permaculture Design Course has easily been one of the most inspiring and life changing experiences I've had the opportunity to be a part of! The involvement and participation of not only the students in the course but also the broader community in this course was key to it's success. I believe in giving credit where credit is due... I could not have accomplished a fraction of this on my own. For that reason, I wanted to take this opportunity to send out a deep thank you to the people and organizations that helped me to make this dream a reality.

A deep thank you to all the Permaculture Supporters in Austin and beyond:

Organizational Supporters:

Creation FlameCreation Flame http://www.creationflame.org/
A most awesome host!



Vajra Azaya http://www.vajraazaya.org/
Sponsoring students to take the course and improve their communities

Ape99 http://ape99.org/
Opening their space to our group and teaching permaculture systems in practice.

Gardens of the Ancients http://gardensoftheancients.com/
Opening their space to our group and demonstrating permaculture systems in practice.

Food is Free Project http://foodisfreeproject.org/
Opening their space and demonstrating inspirational community systems.

Community Cultivators http://communitycultivators.org/
Sharing inspirations!

Upcycle Organics http://upcycleorganics.com/
Providing inspiration and tons of amazing knowledge and resources!

LoveATX http://loveatx.com/
Bringing together community, inspiring love and regeneration of our environment, and making shift happen!

Organizational Sponsors:

All of these sponsors were chosen because they share permaculture ethics: Care of People, Care of Earth, and Fair Share. Thanks to all of our sponsors for sharing your delicious nourishing foods with us during this critical time at our development.



Wheatsville Co-opWheatsville Co-op http://wheatsville.coop/

Wheatsville co-op is an economic engine for the community, a rockin' grocer, and the friendliest store in town. 


Zhi Tea*Zhi Tea

Zhi Tea based in East Austin sells hand blendeZhi Tea Eventsd organic fair trade teas. 



*Good Seed Burger
Good Seed Burger makes gluten free, vegan, sprouted grain superfood patties that are so delicious everyone will eat them (and everyone can!)

*Bearded Brothers Bars http://www.beardedbros.com/
Bearded Brothers is a family owned company that makes raw, vegan, gluten free bars with infinitely re-usable packaging. We make them into seed packets!

*Thunderbird Energetica Thunderbird Energeticahttp://thunderbirdenergetica.com/
Thunderbird Energetica is owned by a trio of endurance athlete that make raw vegan, gluten free bars, blessed by shamans in compostable packaging.



*Mom & Pops popsicles http://www.themomandpops.com/
Mom and Pops makes popsicles with locally sourced all natural ingredients. Create local cooling: cool your face and eat a popsicle!

*South Austin People http://www.southaustinpeople.com/
South Austin People makes plant-based soaps for every soap need. Check out their new laundry soap.

Aunt Nita's Kitchen
Aunt Nita’s culinary works are a delight warmly felt by all who encounter her! Dedicated to serving up seasonal, local, fresh artisanal menu items throughout the year at Austin’s Cedar Park Farmer’s Market.

*Kosmic Kombucha http://cosmickombucha.com/
Kosmic Kombucha is locally made in Austin. You can find our favorite flavor: Wheatsville's Pear of the Dog, prickly pear martini, only at Wheatsville Food Co-op.

*denotes that the product line is available at Wheatsville Co-op

Individual Supporters:

Chowgene Koay - Co-teaching, presenting, documenting, inspiring and co-creating (and all that other technical stuff)
Beth Beutel - Coordinating meals, collecting donations, and being all around awesome!
Wesley Thoricatha - Being a most gracious host, providing space and inspiration
Summer Hargrave - Being a gracious host and keeping the ninja kitties at bay
Dani Slabaugh - Teaching nearly an entire day on water catchment and water systems and giving us the tools to make sure we never have to poop in fresh water again!
Bright Sky - Teaching Non-Violent Communication, sharing permaculture wisdoms and being an all around superhero!
Daniel Rollings - Inspiring natural building and natural house design.
Emily Stanislaw - Sharing her knowledge of natural journaling methods and her experiences learning from some of Texas' most inspirational elders.
Addie Broussard - Sourcing vendors, collecting donations and assisting with the creation of menus.
Ryan Capistrant - Being a most epic tour guide!
Daryl Stewart - Sharing his knowledge and one of Austin's most established urban permaculture sites.
John VanDeusen Edwards - Being an epic tour guide and inspiration for community development.
Denton Weaver - Demonstrating a very successful model of small scale aquaponics.
Erin Hickok - Being an awesome source of energy and inspiration, sourcing donations, and helping to coordinate meals.

All the people that have mentored me along the way and all the students and teachers that shared in the process of making this course awesome.


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Daniel Woods
Daniel Woods : Hazzah!
Posted over 11 years ago

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